Embracing the Beauty of Fall: 2023 Wedding Trends We Adore

The season of pumpkin spice, jack-o-lanterns and crisp breezes is upon us!

If you are planning a fall wedding, this season is full of captivating trends that can elevate your day.

We are excited to cue you in on some of the most popular 2023 wedding trends that we are loving for this season!

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Color Palettes

Colors are of the utmost importance to creating a theme and curating your event vision.

Fall weddings often embrace moody and dark color palettes that include rich burgundy, deep forest green, midnight blue, and regal plum.

Alternatively, many couples choose traditional amber tones, neutrals and nude colors.


Texture is one of the easiest ways to add that little something extra to your event.

One of the most common textures in 2023 is surprisingly velvet!

This can be integrated into your event by having velvet dresses or velvet ribbons on your wedding favors.

Ivy House also offers a selection of black velvet couches that can help you diversify your event texture.

Another way to easily add impactful texture is to add cheesecloth table runner, textured linens, loose greenery on your tables or even having your dinner menus made on textured paper!

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When it comes to considering decor for your fall wedding you may choose to embrace the season or stray away from it!

Weddings that embrace the season often have wood accents, deep colors and embody earthy textures.

These natural elements combine well with the warm color palettes of amber, gold and orange. 

For couples who want to keep the season out of the decor they often choose to incorporate limited amounts of amber within the event design.

Most commonly we see amber napkins, terracotta dresses & ties, and other elements of the season's colors lightly sprinkled into the overall design.

Autumnal Floral Choices

Florals encapsulate texture and color palette and should be considered within your design choices for decor!

The dimension that flowers offer creates an easy way to pull your overall event design together.

If you are looking to incorporate the season, have your florist use golden, amber, orange or deep burgundy toned flowers.

For couples who want to avoid having a strong seasonal pull on their event they often choose to use simple white and green florals that do not have big pops of color.

Season Flowers to Consider for Your Wedding Day

  • Dahlias
  • Roses
  • Daisies 
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Cone Bushes
  • Pincushions

Culinary Experiences

The season offers a unique opportunity to influence your culinary choices as well!

Our team loves the idea of small cups of tomato soup and bread for your guests to enjoy during cocktail hour.

Many catering companies offer mini soup options like this that provide a warm seasonal treat for your guests!

For your dessert you may consider mini carrot cakes, warm apple pie with ice cream, pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, apple cider donuts, churros with dip, pumpkin macarons, cinnamon rolls, caramel apples, mini pumpkin pies, heart shaped pie pops and oatmeal cookie cake are all perfect options.

If you are still looking for more fall inspiration or need more variety, we have a Fall Pinterest board that can help with that!

Connect with one of our team members today to discuss all of the possibilities with your autumn wedding!