Greenhouse Ceremony

The striking Greenhouse is original to the Ivy House property. The slanted glass ceilings allow for the light to pour into the space while also taming Michigan's weather. The ceremony backdrop wall is floor to ceiling glass with panels that open, creating the perfect setting to tie the knot. The Greenhouse can accommodate up to 300 guests and comes with wooden cross-back chairs and market lights.

Standard Ceremony Set Up

Enter through the custom glass doors and step onto the fifty-foot long aisleway leading to the stunning glass ceremony wall. Our standard set up in the Greenhouse includes rows of wooden cross-back chairs focused on the ceremony point. Check out Ivy House's Decor Rentals for ceremony arbors, drapery and so much more!

Spring/Summer Greenhouse Wedding Ceremony

During the spring and summer months, the Greenhouse is equipped with essentials to keep this space at a moderate temperature. The Greenhouse has ceiling fans, an attic fan, floor fans, eight-foot turbo fan and ceiling tinting. To further assist with ventilation, the ceiling and glass ceremony walls open to provide airflow. Generally speaking, the Greenhouse will be the same tempertaure as a shaded outdoor space. Our onsite team will use many of these items to cool the space in preparation for your guests' arrival.

Fall/Winter Greenhouse Wedding Ceremony

The Greenhouse is the perfect place for your colder season ceremony! The Greenhouse has two large gas heaters in the ceiling that run its entire length. The heaters ensure a comfortable ceremony for your guests year around. The temperature easily rests at 65 to 68 degrees, creating the ideal enviroment that combines the beauty of the outdoors seamlessly with the ceremony of your dreams.