August Ivy House Updates from Candice Grant

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Introducing our newest rental item: ✨Candelabra's ✨

We are so excited to able to offer this new addition to our clients. The Candelabra's create a dynamic reception layout that pulls guests eyes upwards highlight the tall ceilings and exposed beams - allowing our couples to be able to take advantage of everything our space offers! They are $100 each, please inquire on the Guest Portal to add to your package.

The Hotel Scent

✨ INTRODUCING: The Hotel Scent ✨

Some of my favorite places have signature scents, so I figured my home away from home should have it as well! Ivy House now has a scent machine and a signature scent to create just another way to remember your day! Many studies have shown that our most memorable moments are often easily brought back by the smells associated with them. Hopefully every time you visit the venue before your wedding, on your wedding day and afterwards the smell brings back the memories of your celebration!

When Brian & I got married, we wanted to create a custom logo for our wedding day. We had this created on Etsy and it was pretty expensive. We wished that there was away that we could have gotten this done for the same quality, but for a lower price. I am excited to say that we have added a logo creation customization option to our VIP and VIP+ clients!

When you book with us and get a Day of Coordinator (DOC), you will have the ability to fill out a form that has been created to choose what you would like your logo to look like. There are multiple different customization options such as theme, color, and font to ensure that each logo is custom curated to the client.

We have created 3 different mood boards to help you navigate which style matches your vision best! Those options are: Modern & Classy, Simplistic &Sleek, and Garden Party & Elegant.

Modern & Classy Mood Board
Modern & Classy

Simplistic & Sleek Mood Board
Simplistic & Sleek

Garden Party & Elegant Mood Board
Garden Party & Elegant

Wedding Feature - Lauren & Alexander

8.11.2023 | Ivy House Venue Manager: Heather Rich

Lauren & Alexander wedding photoshoot
Sweet Lemon Drop Photography

Lauren & Alexander's wedding on August 11th was nothing short of amazing! This was an absolutely gorgeous wedding that we are so thankful we got to be a part of. My favorite element of this wedding was their Phone booth guest book! This was such a cool idea as it allows for the couple to be able to hear everyone's voices in the recording.

While the couple brought in some of their own items, they also rented a few from IvyHouse!

- Farmhouse Tables

- Champagne Tower

- Brass Candlesticks with LED Tapers

- Ribbed Glass Votives

- Beige Table Runners

Congratulations again Lauren & Alexander

Lauren & Alexander wedding day
Sweet Lemon Drop Photography


Photographer: Sweet Lemon Drop Photography

Videographer: Michelle Granger

Caterer: Kangaroo Kitchen

DJ: Adrian Butler

Florist: Cassie Winters

Bakery: Rykes

Hairstylist & Makeup Artist: Kristin Misovski - Team GlamDetroit

If you would like to see more of Lauren & Alexander’s day, check out the PinterestBoard we have created!