Enchanting Wedding Design Ideas

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At Ivy House, our stunning venue provides endless possibilities for unique and memorable wedding design. Surrounded by lush botanicals and bathed in natural light, this breathtaking space is the perfect canvas for couples to bring their creative visions to life. We are here to offer you some truly special concepts to consider!

Botanical Elegance

Embrace the natural beauty of our greenery-surrounded venue by incorporating your own lush greenery, vibrant florals, and earthy elements into your decor. Suspend hanging floral installations from the ceiling of the greenhouse, adorn tables with vibrant garlands, and incorporate potted plants or trees as centerpieces for a truly enchanting botanical experience.

Unique Florals

In addition to traditional floral centerpieces, there are so many creative ways to incorporate greenery throughout your decor. Incorporate unique blooms like king proteas, orchids, or anthuriums. The possibilities are endless to create a one-of-a-kind botanical wonderland.

Work closely with your florist to dream up custom pieces that fit your color palette and theme. Using in-season, locally grown flowers can give you arrangement an extra special touch!

Whimsical Lighting

Play with the lighting to create a magical atmosphere within our grand reception space. Incorporate glass enclosed candles or lanterns along tables and surrounding areas for a warm, flickering glow. Suspend rattan or woven pendant lights above tables for a bohemian yet elegant vibe.

Or take it a step further by utilizing our built in projector to display patterns of your monogram onto our blank white walls for a captivating effect. Uplighting in your wedding colors can also transform the space with an alluring, romantic ambiance.

For an extra special touch, line the aisle and pathways with a glowing array of candles in hurricane votives or stylish lanterns. This will create a dreamy, romantic atmosphere as you make your grand entrance as a newlywed couple.

Get Creative With Table Runners

One of the most overlooked details at many weddings is the table runners. While basic white or ivory are classic, getting creative with your table runners is an easy way to add a big pop of style and personality to your reception tables. From eye-catching fabrics to unexpected materials, the options for unique table runners are endless.

Ivy House provides the perfect backdrop for our couples to let their creativity shine through personal and meaningful design touches. Our team is here to help you bring your botanical, whimsical, and unique wedding visions to life!

Connect with our team today to see how we can turn your dreams into reality!