Saugatuck's Secrets: Cozy Cold Weather Date Ideas for Couples

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As you’re planning date nights during the colder months, you’ll want to consider activities that are cozy and intimate. Whether that means staying in or going out, Ivy House is here to give you some ideas to enjoy with your partner at home or in the Saugatuck area!

a couple dancing in the kitchen together cooking

Cooking Together

Making a meal with your partner can be a fun, romantic, and rewarding date idea. Choose a recipe and come together to create something delicious. Whether you’re seasoned home chefs or simply just beginners in the kitchen, a cooking date makes for a memorable and enjoyable experience, with the bonus of a tasty meal at the end!

inside of an art gallery during a cold winter date for couples

Visit an Art Gallery

Spend the afternoon or evening exploring the many art galleries that Saugatuck has to offer! An art gallery date can be fun because it combines creativity with a relaxed and enjoyable setting. Enjoy each other other’s company while viewing beautiful works of art.

a couple playing board games together for date night

Board Game Night

For a fun yet simple night together, break out some board games and indulge in a little friendly competition. A game night offers the perfect combination of entertainment, interaction, and quality time spent together. Whether you are playing classic favorites or trying new games together, it is sure to be a memorable night with one another.

Movie Marathon

Pick a theme or a series of movies you both love, pop some popcorn and enjoy a cozy night snuggled up under blankets! This date night offers the perfect opportunity to bond, relax, and enjoy each other’s company while indulging in your favorite films.

wine being poured at a wine tasting during a cold couples date night

Wine Tasting (Downtown or At Home!)

A wine tasting date can be a delightful way to spend time and toast your partner! Sip delicious wine and deepen your bond as you explore and appreciate different wines together. Make this an outing at Fenn Valley Vineyards Tasting Room or purchase a selection of wines to pair with cheese, chocolates, or other snacks for a sophisticated night in!

Visit a Cozy Cafe

A charming cafe is a great place to spend time sipping on warm beverages with your partner during the colder months! Saugatuck offers several cafe options that could be a great location to spend the day or evening with your partner. Consider checking out Uncommon Coffee Roasters and Pennyroyal Cafe & Provisions (we love our next-door neighbor!)

couples message bellavita in saugatuck michigan

Couples Massage

A couples massage date night is a great way to relax and reconnect with your partner. Unwind and enjoy the restorative benefits of a massage at Bella Vita Spa, in Downtown Saugatuck, or choose to create a spa-like atmosphere at home and take turns massaging one another. Either way, this date night is about relaxation, connection, and pampering yourselves as a couple. 

Whichever date you land on, remember that the most important thing is to spend quality time with your significant other and continue building your bond. Explore new places or simply spend time at home together, either way these date ideas are sure to create memories that will last with your significant other!