Enhancing Your Event Design: The Elegance of Candelabras


Trying to create an unforgettable night but not sure where to start?

If you are looking for away to elevate your tables within our space there is no better way then to use Candelabras!

Candelabras create a dynamic event design that draws your eyes upwards while saving you time & money.

Draw Eyes Up

Ivy House’s reception space has 32 ft ceilings and in order to take advantage of every inch you want to add height to your tables.

You can do this using florals on stands (which can be very expensive) or you can use items like candelabras and our team will handle it for you.

Adding height into a room with a high ceiling is important as it draws your guests eyes upwards and makes the room feel large and welcoming!

A gorgeous display of Candelabras

Create a More Dynamic Design

Most of our couples have a strong desire to create a wedding design that is unique to them!

Candelabras are an easy way to set your event apart while curating an elevated feel in order to set your event apart.

The candelabras have 8 candle spots at varying heights. You can choose LED candles or real taper candles.

We carry custom colors that also allow you to further customize the candelabra and tie it in with the color palette of your wedding design.

The style of the candelabra is dynamic and open so it does not create a visual barrier within the space or between guests at the table!

A gorgeous display of Candelabras at Ivy House

Save Time & Money

When considering large statement pieces for your event it's often best to rely on a vendor so that you do not need to try to transport large items in cars and bring them home at the end of the night.

Large items can often be a costly upfront investment, and while you can resell items that is creating more work for you in the long run.

These stunning pieces are part of our decor rentals department, which means that you are able to simply add these to your package!

Our team will order the candles, place them in the candelabras, put them on the table and light the candles for you.

At the end of the night we will clean them and put them away! Which means you (and your family/guests) do not need to do a thing!

Candelabras come with LEDs or basic tapers (white & black) are $100* each. Candelabras with custom color candles are $90* each plus the cost of the selected candle color. If you were looking into adding florals for height, this can be a significant savings!

While we do still recommend florals on tables you can choose to have less of them with the Candelabras!

More specifically, if you choose to add this rental, we would recommend only adding it on some of your tables and utilizing a second tables-cape design on the rest of the tables.

Often the second tables-cape design is lower, but you could choose to still have some florals that provide height!

By adding height to the tables-capes within the reception space and having two (or more) tables-cape designs you have instantly created an event that feels more curated, high-end and thoughtful.

Please see some of our sample floor plans below!

sample floor plan
sample floor plan part 2

sample floor plan part 3

If you’re looking for more inspiration on how to add the candelabras to your space, take a look at the Pinterest board we have made!

*prices are subject to change

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