Wedding Favors That Stand Out

Wedding favors are small gifts given to guests as a token of appreciation for attending your wedding and celebrating your special day. Whether you go with a personalized keepsake, an edible treat, or even a thank you note, it is important to consider your budget, the number of guests, and what will best reflect your personality as a couple.

Here are some unique and thoughtful wedding favors from previous couples at Ivy House!

1. Something To Use In The Kitchen

personalized jar of spices

Edible wedding favors are always a hit because who doesn’t love food? Consider a personalized jar of spices or a custom bottle of hot sauce that your guests can use in their own home with a future meal. Whether you take the simple route or go all out, your guests are sure to leave with something delicious!

2. Lottery Tickets

customized lottery tickets

Lottery tickets can make for a fun and potentially exciting wedding favor, adding an element of surprise and anticipation for your guests! Consider customizing your packaging to personalize this favor.

3. Dog Treats

customized dog treats wedding favors

Dog treat wedding favors are a fantastic idea if you have guests who are dog lovers. Go the homemade route or get them customized for amore elegant look. Either way, your guests (and surely their pup!)are bound to love this wedding favor!

4. Handwritten Love Letters

personalized letters as wedding favors

Creating personalized letters as wedding favors is a heartfelt and sentimental gesture that allows you to share your gratitude and love with your guests. Consider using customized stationary to add a unique touch to your letters!

5. Flower Seeds

flower seeds as wedding favors

Giving flower seeds as wedding favors is a lovely and environmentally friendly idea that symbolizes growth, love, and new beginnings. Use the beauty of nature to thank your guests for celebrating your special day with you!

6. A Sweet Treat

sweet treat as wedding favors

Who doesn’t love sweets? Offering a sweet treat as a wedding favor is a delightful way to thank your guests for being a part of your special day. Customize your treat of choice with cute packaging and maybe even a tagline to go with it!

7. Custom Koozies

personalized koozies

Koozies make for practical and customizable wedding favors that guests can use for long after the day of your celebration. Personalize your koozies and give them to your guests as memorable mementos of your special day!

Ultimately, the goal is to give guests a thoughtful token of appreciation that they will cherish and remember long after your wedding day at Ivy House. For additional ideas, see our Wedding Favors Pinterest Page!